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Many of you, I know, are eagerly awaiting the release of my companion novel to ‘Cape Town’ (the latter soon to be updated and available under a new title). Charmaine’s story is now, at long last, done, done, done… except when I discover a new bit of research that begs to be included!

Hopefully I’ll soon have news, but I’ve learned that the publishing business requires patience.


The year is 1989 and South Africa is on the brink of dramatic change. The only way 17 year old Renee Pretorius, daughter of strict Afrikaans parents, can fulfill her dream of becoming a ballerina is to study at the University of Cape Town School of Dance.

Plunged into the turmoil of life in a city gripped by the Struggle for Freedom, country girl Renee forms a friendship with a 'so-called coloured' which leads her to understand the horrific impact of the Apartheid system. Gradually she learns to overcome her prejudices. Despite her right-wing upbringing, she falls in love with a student aggressively active in the anti-apartheid movement and it’s not long before she’s forced into a heart-rending choice.

Praise for 'CAPE TOWN', twice named one of the best books of 2012!!

And in 2014, recommended once again by canlitforlittlecanadians.blogspot.ca for ages 14+, featured on their 'Back to School Book List’.

'An excellent... coming-of-age novel... beautifully written.' CM University of Manitoba

'A great read' - Marsha Skrypuch



p.s. ‘Cape Town’ is now out of print. However, for my Canadian readers, the novel is available through your local library.

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