Mid-February morning

by | Oct 14, 2023 | Winter | 0 comments

Dear Reader,

Hallo! I discovered recently that the moon can have an influence on creativity… two weeks of inspiration, two of assessment. So I decided to do an experiment, and am marking days when ideas and words fly into my head. My wall calendar this year, bought from the Musee de Beaux Arts de Montreal, is Degas. I’m looking at a close up of a young woman wearing a hat. A bit like me when I go out, except for the adjective, of course!😏

Early morning brought me a poem. Nothing particularly profound, but you might enjoy it nevertheless. The accompanying photo was taken through my bedroom window and, unfortunately, doesn’t reveal the special quality of the light.


The world is white.
Clinging, shrunken maple leaves
reflect the golden
morning light and tremble,
oh so slightly,
in the breeze —

A dazzling day
but bitter with
mid-winter’s cold.

There’ll be no
peeking my nose
outside today,
and that’s for certain sure.